Week 6 Guest Speaker Interview

Week 6 Guest Speaker Clint Schaff of Edelman discusses who “owns” social media, and provides a quick summary of his favorite new technologies for social media engagement.

Because Clint was our guest speaker for the final night of class, we don’t have a student blog post to chronicle his appearance (after all, it doesn’t seem right to require students to submit homework after the course is over). So you’ll have to take my word that Clint was brilliant, as usual. Making his third appearance as a UCLA X425 guest speaker, Clint described the process he uses to establish social media goals and identify, monitor and engage with target audiences. He also walked the class through several case studies featuring some of the blue chip clients he has represented over the years. Clint guest spoke immediately after completing his first full day at his new job — serving as vice president of the digital gaming practice at Edelman. This may account for his even more-intense-than-usual enthusiasm and optimism for social media’s potential (the above video is just a sample). We look forward to having Clint return as a guest speaker in the Fall.
– Erik Deutsch, UCLA X425 Instructor

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