Week 5 Guest Speaker Roundup – by Victoria Sins

A Conversation with Heather Meeker of Whrrl.com

By UCLA X425 Student Victoria Sins

Heather Meeker was a guest speaker on Tuesday, October 26th. She is Director of Marketing and PR for Whrrl a geolocation company. Ms. Meeker is very well known in the PR arena and shared an interactive overview about the benefits of geolocation.

This was a topic I knew very little about until that night in class. The great thing about geolocation is that it can connect users with particular interests or services no matter where they are.

It’s no surprise that geolocation services are becoming more and more popular with users than ever before. Large and small companies are adding locations, new functions and special offers to their users, which in-turn helps attract new users. How geolocation works is an interesting process of distinguishing and defining locations and pinpointing a web user’s precise location.

Geolocation can benefit a company or online community by providing information about where the user is located. This enables members of communities such as chat rooms and forums to more easily connect based on content and interests. This can work on local and regional levels, and even with cultural or ethnic groups.

Geolocation has also become very beneficial to companies in terms of advertising because they can monitor who is viewing their site and where that user is located.

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