Week 5 Guest Speaker Roundup – by Nerissa Nadia

A Conversation with Christina Lam of Blaze PR and Dan Portnoy of Portnoy Media Group

By UCLA X425 Student Nerissa Nadia

“I watched a man overdose. I watched no one care.”

On sleeping overnight on skid row for Union Rescue Mission (URM), Dan Portnoy (@DanPortnoy) laments a time when he sacrificed a night in his bed and tens of thousands in annual salary while working for this non-profit organization.  The immediacy of being there live and in-person, of experiencing firsthand moments in the life of those whom the URM assists, helped him to truly grasp (and therefore convey) the consequent tone of his message to URM’s online audience.

“The whole mission of the internet is to spread content; You can spread awesome things, or awesomely terrible things,” he said. ”It’s your choice to choose the right thing…. Make something that people want to check out.”

Betwixt these lie the theme of the evening, and the message of UCLA x425 “Best Practices in Social Media for Communications Professionals”:  Make something that people want to check out.  The overarching lesson in our six weeks of class has been the sentiments within the words of our instructor Erik Deutsch  (@ErikDeutsch) – If you’re not online defining your own brand, someone else will.

Over and over again, it can’t be repeated enough times:  If you’re not online defining your own brand, someone else will.

Along with the need for content, is the need for strategy.  The more content, the better.  The more types of media used to create that content, the better.  The more inter-links, the better.  FEED THE BEAST.  More is better, yes, but have a strategy.  Within a five-minute conversation, within a five-minute story, and within every story, is content.

How do we get the digital space to reflect the physical space?

Simple:  give people a reason to keep coming back.

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