Week 5 Guest Speaker Roundup by Bailey Roth

A Conversation with Jessica Gottlieb, Mommy Blogger at JessicaGottlieb.com, and Beth Mansfield, Director of Public Relations for CKE Restaurants, Inc.

By UCLA X425 Student Bailey Roth

On November 8, 2011, our class enjoyed the presence of two very sociable women, @BethMansfield and @JessicaGottlieb. They enlightened us on public relations and targeting through social media in today’s society.

Jessica is a mommy blogger who launched her online career on Ebay. When she started to blog, this inspirational mother would begin her writing each day during her baby’s nap time. I can’t imagine what it would be like to have to put in all the time working as a mother, then when you finally get a break, using that time to blog. Since then, she has progressed and now even does video blogging. Jessica explained to us that she spends 30 minutes on make-up before shooting a video that’s just eight minutes long. Easy enough.

Beth is director of public relations for CKE Restaurants, which operats Carl’s Jr. and Hardees, and is responsible for handling social media for both chains. Beth and Jessica have very different target audiences. In order to reach customers who frequent fast food joints, Beth directs her focus to 18 to 34 year-old men who are hungry. She uses many online platforms to keep her targets interested; Facebook and Twitter remain top on her list. She also monitors and responds to relevant comments on these platforms. For example, she uses Twitter to evaluate the person giving her feedback. She then can judge if the comment that person posted is validated by a reasonable and influential source.

Overall, both speakers had a great influence on showing me how these different types of media can be used. I enjoyed getting to listen to real people talk about how they use it to their advantage. I want to thank both ladies for visiting our class and sharing their experiences. Keep using social media ladies, you are inspiring!

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