Week 5: A Conversation with Guest Speakers Jessica Gottlieb and Babette Pepaj

Eduarda Orzes

By UCLA X425 Student Eduarda Orzes 

Blogs are still a relatively new type of media with their own unique set of PR opportunities. Our guests – two very different women with different passions who have come to have the same attitude – are both online publishers that have built large followings. Jessica Gottlieb is a prominent blogger with one of the highest Klout scores around. She’s even featured on the Klout website alongside President Obama and Justin Bieber, pretty good huh?

Babette Pepaj is not a blogger, but she has created an online food community and works with brands on a range of marketing campaigns. She also produces a food blogger conference held in cities nationwide.

Both of these women are very influential in what they do, just like traditional media journalists and reporters; the difference is that with traditional media, journalists go through an editorial process and oversight, while in social media anything goes. Also, traditional media infrastructure is expensive, while in social media (such as blogs) technology can be either free or very low cost.

Babette is also an amazing example of how to use free online tools, such as platforms like Google+ Hangouts, to broadcast live shows. Such content would be very expensive to create using traditional media, and it amazes me how with social media we can post content and ideas and make it available to the world to see. It is consumed and shared everywhere. If I post in Brazil, people in Canada can read it; but one of the bad sides of blogs and working with such technology is that bloggers sometimes have to deal with “haters” and criticism, which isn’t always easy. But that is a small price to pay for all the good Social Media brings us. We are Navigating the New Era of Social Media, so let’s embrace the challenges and opportunities. Social media platforms are emerging, developing, and upgrading every day. And they are waiting to hear from unique individuals like you. Join in, it is our Age.


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