Week 5: A Conversation with Guest Speaker Jessica Gottlieb

Kimberly Gurrea

By UCLA X425 Student Kimberly Gurrea

When I met Jessica Gottlieb my first thought was: “She looks very quiet,“ but I was totally wrong; She is a very funny, smart and successful woman in the social media world. One of the most important things I noticed is that she chooses the right words to communicate with people. “I like to give people the knowledge that I have,” was one of Jessica’s quotes that caught my attention right away.

I totally understood the reason why she is one of 14 power women to follow on Twitter and why she receives 2000 e-mails every single day; She is not the typical blogger with typical content to offer. On the contrary, she knows her target audience perfectly and her writing style is provocative in a way that induces a reaction to her articles.

She has been a mother and a blogger for 14 years (which is also her daughter’s age) – perhaps that’s why she is a mommy blogger.

Here are a few valuable tips Jessica shared with our class:

  • The most important key to success is having a good CONTENT
  • A blogger should want to make the reader’s life easier
  • When someone writes a bad comment about you or your post, you should evaluate it carefully before responding (think before you act)
  • It’s not always best to engage in a discussion. Try to turn a negative comment into a positive situation. If you can’t, it may be best to just ignore.
  • Quality is more important than quantity, that is why sometimes less is more.
  • Love what you do

Thanks Jessica, I have many reasons to be your fan!

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