Week 4: A Conversation with Guest Speaker Tony Adam


Lisandra Maioli

By UCLA X425 Student Lisandra Maioli

Relevant and sharable content is king for SEO

“Content is King!” Anyone who works with digital communication has heard this iconic phrase many times. But making the ‘content’ part of your strategy is not a simple task. Numerous and varied techniques are part of the job of creating relevant content to attract an audience and drive traffic to your website. SEO – Search Engine Optimization – is one of those essential techniques to have a killer strategy.

Tony Adam

Tony Adam

Last week we had the awesome opportunity to see a little bit of the work of SEO professional Tony Adam (@tonyadam) from VisibleFactors. Thanks to his great insights, we had a chance to better understand how SEO works to drive website traffic.

If Content is King, Google is the Parliament defining the rules that determine what will be more or less “searchable” or penalized (don’t do “black hat,” and respect Google rules if you want stay in the game!). Tony presented us with ways to analyze the searchability of a website, besides showing tools like Google AdWords Keyword Planner and Google Trends.

There are specific ways to code/build your website so it can be read easily by Google and show up prominently in its search results; choose the right key-words; have good PR activity to help your link building; and, of course, generate relevant content. Relevant content also means “sharable content,” content that your audience will want to share and spread out across Social Media.

“Social Media has become more and more of a ranking factor. But just adding a link to your webpage in your Twitter Bio is not going to help you much. The key is to create a lot of great content for people to share constantly on Twitter; this is going help you a lot,” explained Tony.

Adding to Tony’s tip, I would also suggest making it easy for your audience to share your content on Social Media by including Social Sharing Buttons.

But, of course, none of these tips are valuable if you don’t create relevant and sharable content. Keep in mind: “Content is still king!”

How Social Media can help the SEO strategy

How Social Media can help the SEO strategy

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