Week 4: A Conversation with Guest Speaker Tony Adam

Carol Mesquita Magalhaes

Carol Mesquita Magalhaes

By UCLA X425 Student Carol Mesquita Magalhaes

Tony Adam discussed an amazing topic; Trying to understand a quick overview of Search Engine Optimization can seem quite simple, but exploring SEO deeper to really understand why it’s important and how people have been misusing was something that I never thought about.

Tony Adam

Tony Adam

According to Adam, there are several things to consider when building a website. You must understand your audience, as well as the concepts of online Relevance and Authority. These three issues are important, and should work together.

Understand the audience: To better target your audience, as well as appear favorably on search results pages, it is important to understand what your audience members are searching for, their habits, and how they perform searches online. The Google Keyword Planner is an important tool to use while figuring out the best ways to categorize your brand/service and improve the visibility of your website.

Relevance: This might be the most important point to consider while building your website. Keywords relevant to the topic must be included in the page text. This tells search engines that that your site includes information that is relevant to the keywords, and therefore helps your audience find your page when they perform a keyword search. Some websites – especially those designed with lots of pictures and flash coding – are often the most likely to forget to add relevant keyword text, which can make them more difficult to find. Understanding which keywords are most relevant to your marketing niche and including those keywords in your page text can help you achieve ranking and web traffic.

Authority: The more inbound links to your website from other highly-regarded websites, the more significant your site will become and the more it will be ‘liked’ by search engines. Quality inbound links increase you digital authority and page rank.

Creating relevant, high quality content and acquiring quality inbound links are key to improving your site’s SEO.

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