Week 4 Guest Speaker Roundup – by Lynn Lipinski

A Conversation with Jessica Gottlieb & Stephanie Michaels

By UCLA X425 Student Lynn Lipinski

Jessica and Stefanie: Trailblazing in the Tweetverse and Blogosphere

Blogger-entrepreneurs Jessica Gottlieb (@JessicaGottlieb) and Stefanie Michaels (@adventuregirl) know lots of good stuff, including how to navigate rain-related L.A. traffic snarls and arrive not just on time, but actually early, for the fourth evening of Erik Deutsch’s class on social media best practices for the communications professional.

Showing up early just might be the secret to their success in the blogosphere as well. Well, that and a lot of hard work. Both Jessica and Stefanie were what marketers call early adopters of techie tools, and that early advantage placed them far ahead of those of us struggling to remember to use a hashtag in our Tweets. Jessica started out as a domainer and then wrote for environmental websites about all things green, mastering search engine optimization along the way. Stefanie, a former swimsuit model turned travel expert and writer, leveraged her AdventureGirl fans to land a spot on Twitter’s suggested user list.

Erik dubbed them social media royalty, and based on their followers and ability to monetize their online activities, the crown fits them both equally well. Stefanie has more than 1.4 million followers on Twitter and an impressive Klout score of 52 that earned her the title of Taste Maker. Her latest quest is to build a following for AdventureGirl’s YouTube channel.

Jessica, a well known mommy blogger, has been called a Power Mom by Nielsen two years running, and Forbes named her one of 14 power women to follow on Twitter. A certain big pharmaceutical company probably also calls her trouble with a capital T, based on her rallying of a phalanx of new moms when an ill-conceived pain relief ad aimed at them did more to alienate than attract. Jessica said the company’s website crashed due to the traffic her posts and others sent to the site.

It is clear after just an hour that these women want to use their online power for good. Before class adjourned into the damp night, they happily shared war stories, successes, regrets, info on new FCC requirements, as well as PR pet peeves. Neither one feels like they are in direct competition with other blogger-entrepreneurs. “Big successes help us all,” Jessica said. They both see the social media realm as big enough for everyone to join in, and anyone interested in doing so would do well to follow their lead.

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