Week 3 Guest Speaker Roundup – by Nicole Kureshi

A Conversation with Tony Adam of MySpace.com

By UCLA X425 Student Nicole Kureshi

If a business wants to attract passersby on the street, it needs proper signage and a stellar window display. If the business wants to increase traffic to its website, it needs that same prominence so that potential customers can  find it easily through search engines.

For our Week 3 guest discussion, Tony Adam came to speak to our class about the importance of being ranked #1 in search engine results and how to improve SEO to get to the top.
He stressed that SEO begins with keyword research. You must use the right terms in order to know what keywords and phrases your audience is searching for. If travelers are searching for “by the ocean” and you are “by the sea,” they won’t find you.

The title tag, description tag and URL should be carefully crafted since they are significant factors in major search engine algorithms. But just being found is not enough; keep in mind that there is no substitute for quality content. If your site has just keywords but lacks substance, you will lose your audience.

Links are also an important part of SEO. You need to research how many people are linking to you. If you have credible sources linking to you, it makes your site look more authoritative.

Tony pointed out that social media can also contribute to SEO. It’s easy to get caught up in the latest social media tools, but you must find out where conversations about your business are happening and be there. You need to own your brand, and it’s a wise idea to secure your username on social media networks to make sure that’s it’s not available to competitors, impostors and critics. You can use the website
www.knowem.com to see if your username is available on over 400 social networks.

Tony’s tips and tools were very helpful and I plan to keep a close eye on his blog: http://tonyadam.com/blog/.

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