Week 3 Guest Speaker Roundup – by Samantha Lin

A Conversation with Sean Percival, Internet Entrepreneur & Former VP of Online Marketing for MySpace

By UCLA X425 Student Samantha Lin

Social Media is a new frontier. For many, it provides an opportunity to create their own territory and connect with the world. Sean Percival (@Percival), a self taught social consultant, stumbled upon the world of social media by chance, but established his own space in the new frontier.

Sean spoke at UCLA x425 – Best Practices in Social Media for the Communication Professional. He covered different uses of social media and how to manage the social footprint of an individual or company. His extensive background in social media and personal business encounters made for interesting discussion.

The most important thing, according to Percival, is to secure your own identity in the world. The world is interconnected by the Web, so the first thing everyone should do is secure their own website and create their own identity on all the major social platforms. Making sure your name is secure and owning your identity is the first step in creating your social footprint. Of course, with the ever increasing population in the world; securing your own identity will become harder and harder to achieve.

Since the conception of social networking, many platforms have been created for online social interaction. These tools are now utilized in more than just peer to peer conversation. Companies, brands and individuals are all using social to engage others and create awareness. By securing your own space and identity, others will be able to find and recognize you; you’ll also reduce the chance of impersonation or counter-effort.
I know samanthalin.com has been taken up by another Samantha Lin in the world, so go out there and secure you own before someone else takes up your space.

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