Week 3 Guest Speaker Roundup – by Katie Croxton

A Conversation with Sean Percival, Internet Entrepreneur & Former VP of Online Marketing for MySpace

By UCLA X425 Student Katie Croxton

Social Media – “Someplace where all your homies are at”

According to guest speaker Sean Percival, that’s all people truly care about with social media. They want a place where the people they know congregate and share information. The interface, abilities and applications seem to be much less important than how many of their friends they connect with. If you can accomplish this, while evoking at least two emotions, you can’t help but be successful in the social media realm.

Sean has a wide array of social media experience, and he answered our questions and curiosities with a comfortable ease. The value and importance that Sean places on social media is clear in his choice to buy his baby daughter’s domain name. He mentioned it was one of the best things he could have done for her. Essentially, it leaves the choice up to her as to how she wants to use it, if at all. Understandably, this choice could be perceived as controversial, but it demonstrates how valuable Sean feels the Internet is and will continue to be. It certainly gives new meaning behind this class and the social media footprint we are attempting to create.

Sean is obviously a social media advocate and expert. Consequently, the time with him went all over the place with topics, definitions, websites and stories from his own experiences. Here are some of the topics and words that Sean touched on:

  • Widget – install the “like” button on all blogs or websites you create.
  • Stumbleupon.com – this website is responsible for more links and inbound traffic than Facebook.
  • Facebook ads – an effective (and cheap) way to advertise your business or blog. The best part about Facebook ads is you can easily target the exact demographic you are trying to reach.
  • Landing page – a very simple introductory page that website publishers use to gain information form visitors. It shouldn’t require a lot of action from the user.

Sean left us with some encouragement to start and continue to build a social media footprint. The only way to do this is to essentially jump in and try, especially since this is a relatively new and ever-changing industry. He challenged us to attempt to fill our Google search results with everything positive by linking everything (Facebook, Twitter, blogs, etc) together. For that to truly happen, a certain amount of (good) content needs to be continually produced. I guess I have some work to do…

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