Week 3 Guest Speaker Roundup – by Cinthia Costa Klinger

A Conversation with Tony Adam of MySpace.com

By UCLA X425 Student Cinthia Costa Klinger
In Social Media or any type of media, companies are always looking for a viral strategy to spread their information, services and/or products.

One of the important ways to start is by figuring out who are the people that are the most influential in your segment/category/industry? Through resources such as www.klout.com you can find Social Media Influencers with whom you can start engaging in a conversation with your brand. This resource also allows you to see true reach, message reach and retweets. It is incorrect to think that the biggest influencer for your brand is the person with the most followers on Twitter. The number of followers you have is not as important as the ability of your message to encourage action.

Once you have found your influencers, you have to begin engaging them with your brand. One of the ways to do this is by using Twitter. First, follow your influencer, then start retweeting and replying to his tweets. Automatically, the “relationship” starts. Then you can start posting comments on his blog and articles as well as sending replies with additional articles/links to supplement his post. While the influencer responds to you, the people that listen to him will in-turn listen to you and consequently your brand.

One good example is @dannysullivan. According to klout.com, he generates actions in nearly every message sent. He creates quality content that engages a very large audience on a level very few can achieve. On klout.com you can see the topics most mentioned by him such as Apple, Microsoft and Yahoo Inc. So if you are involved with one of those companies, you’ll want to exchange ideas and information with him.
Social Media requires engagement or your business will not survive in this arena. However, even if you master the art of engagement, your brand still has to engage the right person to survive.

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