Week 2 Guest Speaker Roundup by Anjula Ram

A Conversation with Serena Ehrlich, Director of Marketing at Mogreet

By UCLA X425 Student Anjula Ram

One week in at #uclax425 and we were truly blessed to welcome guest speaker Serena Ehrlich (@Serena), Director of Marketing at Mogreet. Class Instructor Erik Deutsch (@ErikDeutsch) mentioned her tremendous energy and knowledge beforehand, but to experience her in person was to really understand.

A taste of what Serena so sincerely discussed with us is the importance of knowing your audience, the type of content they want, and the influencers/bloggers they follow. Also of note is her passion for the future of mobile marketing.

You have to know your audience! I think anyone who really knows social media marketing can’t say this enough! Serena, however, went a little bit deeper, as she described how this is the time to get specific. By narrowing down as much as possible with respect to age, work etc, you can really begin to know your target audience. Once you know your core target, you can then begin to develop your campaign. This is the time to brainstorm and make associations. By understanding what motivates and inspires your audience, you can find ways to reach and influence them.

Throughout Serena’s discussion, the magical word was RESEARCH! There are many sites/tools out there. Some of her favorites are socialmention, peoplebrowser, google analytics, and bloggrader.

When researching influencers, it is crucial to consider not only how much traffic they get, but also how much engagement they bring to the table. Effectively tapping into consumer behavior and influencing it takes time, and it’s what social media marketing is really all about.

Serena also discussed how social media can employ good old fashion guerilla marketing tactics to affect consumer behavior. We can see online behavior and cater to it strategically. I loved the analogy she used comparing a social media message to an “ugly baby.” No matter how ugly the baby, or how seemingly unimportant or uninteresting your message, you can almost always find a following; the key is to find and tap into that following.

Serena also spoke passionately about direct marketing via mobile messaging. She believes it’s the future, given that more than 97% of all US mobile phones have the ability to receive text messages. This makes mobile messaging the largest social networking tool, albeit one that has been overlooked due primarily to concern over spam. Nonetheless, some forward thinkers are cutting their website budgets and turning attention to mobile messaging.

With Serena’s electric energy, it is no surprise that she is one of the most well-liked people in Social Media Marketing, and with her knowledge and work ethic, it is easy to understand how she has built such a successful career.

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