Week 2 Guest Speaker Roundup – by Nicole Schaeffer

A Conversation with Serena Ehrlich of Rogers & Cowan

By UCLA X425 Student Nicole Schaeffer

When I think about Social Media I think huge, vast, enormous, massive… and then I ask myself where do I begin? Thankfully Serena Ehlrich, Associate VP of eMedia, came to class and informed us on how to develop a social Media plan with seven simple steps:

Step 1: Determine goals and objectives – main question to ask your client “what is your goal?”

Step 2: Find your target audience – ask what platforms make sense for your client’s business?

Step 3: Strategy – choose platforms that work for your client’s business (i.e., Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare etc.)

Step 4: Competitive Analysis – look at your client’s competitors and find out what platforms they have chosen to capture an audience

Step 5: Tactics – must ask how are we going to meet clients goals? What platforms help meet those goals?

Step 6: Measurement benchmarks – track retweets and check out Google analytics and other online tools to guage response

Step 7: Develop an editorial calendar – match platforms like Twitter and Facebook with your PR release calendar

I find this to be a great outline to successfully create a social media plan. When looking at this outline, social media does not look as complicated as before.

Thank you Serena for these helpful and insightful tools to kick start a successful social media plan!

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