Week 2: A Conversation with Guest Speaker Corianda Dimes

Claudia Ciuffo

Claudia Ciuffo

By UCLA X425 Student Claudia Ciuffo

“Snapchat has a strong potential. I love it and have been using it for my clients lately.” That was how Corianda Dimes (@corianda), one of our guest speakers on April 22nd, started her lecture. I couldn’t agree more with her. Working with teenagers and young adults has helped me understand that Snapchat can be a strong tool for marketing.

Corianda Dimes

Corianda Dimes

Corianda, who just started a new job as a Digital Manager at Golin Harris, previously worked as a new media strategist for a boutique PR agency where her primary clients were restaurants. Among the examples she discussed was a very successful Snapchat campaign for Taco Bell.

The members of the class, myself included, were curious to understand how marketers can use a tool that makes photos and videos disappear forever just a few seconds after being viewed. Well, Taco Bell came up with a good idea to send a picture of its ad to customers. If you’re fast enough to do a screenshot and take it to one of their restaurants, you get free tacos… and everyone likes to get free food. Not bad, right?!

I guess I became so obsessed with this part of Corianda’s discussion because I’m a Snaptchat addict, and even though my friends over 25 never actually understand the potential of this tool, I always defend Snapchat-related marketing ideas.

But as Corianda said, the most important consideration for a marketing professional is to choose a strategy that fits the client. In order to do this, the first step is to understand the  target audience thoroughly. Snaptchat, for example, can be a useful tool for people like me and for companies focused on reaching teens in order to market products such as food and fashion, but it might not be the ideal tool to advertise a dental clinic.

The key is to follow Corianda’s advice: “Define your goals, and plan your strategies carefully before presenting them to your client.”

And in the meantime, Snapchat me, but that’s me talking, of course.

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