Week 2: A Conversation with Guest Speaker Serena Ehrlich of Mogreet

By UCLA X425 Student Elissa Oblath-J

Elissa Oblath-J

Fast-talking, wisdom-nugget-dropping social and mobile marketing guru Serena Ehrlich made us all smarter on April 23rd. Her first suggestion? Get a personalized necklace with your Twitter handle.

If one thing is clear in the murky, ever-changing world of social, it’s that it has become increasingly difficult to get your fans to see your content. On Facebook today, just 16% of your fans actually see what you put out there. So that’s the battle we are up against. Luckily Serena had tips, tools, life lessons and a funnel to help us navigate it all.

First: Set your goals. You can’t determine how well you are doing if you don’t have a clear picture (or at least a vague idea) of what you are trying to accomplish. In other words, you need a general concept of what success looks like. Nothing set in stone: Social is a moving target, so adjust as you go. And never promise 10,000 followers in a day.

Tidbit: It used to take 7 touch points to make a sale, with social it now takes 14

Second: Shush yourself and listen. You want to learn from a master, so find those who already have it mastered and follow them. Find those who are leading the pack and copy them. Then do it better. Listening also gives you a baseline for potential storms on the horizon. Listening makes you better at everything, so do it more.

Tidbit: Everyone has haters. Become more transparent and you will mitigate real complaints. The ones still hating might not be worth converting.

Third: Go to your fans. Find the platform where your target audience is already engaged. Pinterest is not the best place to go for real-time news, just as you wouldn’t use Twitter to plan your dream wedding. Bring your content to where people are already engaged. It makes it less of an uphill battle.

Tidbit: How do people perceive themselves? People act on social the way they aspire to be.

Bonus: Facebook is at its heart a recommendation engine. A helpful insight to remember

Fourth: Use tools and be friends with the data. How do you know you’re successful if you aren’t measuring it? Analytics will tell you what you are doing right, and how to do more of it. Tools will help you make sense of all the noise. Look at the data, get spreadsheet happy, make more goals. And then go back to listening.

Tidbit: Use search terms from Google Analytics in your social posts. When you know how people are finding you, you can be found more easily.

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