Week 1 Guest Speaker Roundup by Gonzalo Condés de Bethencourt

A Conversation with Clint Schaff, VP of Digital & Gaming, Edelman

Gonzalo Condés de Bethencourt

By UCLA X425 Student Gonzalo Condés de Bethencourt

For the first session of UCLA X425, we had the privilege of listening for a little over an hour to the experiences of an energized Clinton Schaff (@clintschaff), VP, Digital & Gaming Practice, Edelman Worldwide.

While he talked about many different topics involving his daily work and experiences with different clients, he focused examples on his client Activision and its successful game “Call of Duty.”

A few of the issues Clint discussed include who within an organization should “own” the social media conversation, and why it’s so important to define your objectives for social media before you create your strategy and engage with target audiences.

While discussing campaign elements for Call of Duty on Facebook, he talked about the new geo targeting capabilities of the platform, the difficulties of merging a brand’s various pages, and the biggest challenge of all for brands — the fact that just 16% of their fans are now likely to see an organic wall post, as Facebook becomes more of a paid advertising platform.

Mr. Schaff said that social media is like a cocktail party, and the same rules apply. You need to listen and establish the conversation and learn the things that your audience members like.

He also discussed social media account management specifics, such as how many times a brand should post each day. He said that his team posts more frequently on Twitter, with an average of five posts per day, while an average of two posts daily works well on Facebook.

The discussion also touched on the need to create an editorial calendar to establish the basic lines of the conversation and when specific information should be posted.

Finally, Clint talked about the opportunity for using Google+ at present and how the platform merges with Google search to help brands get better positions in search results. He noted how users access brands on Google+ seamlessly via search, without the brands having to invest to bring users to their page. May this be the time for Google to improve its situation in the Social Media Space??

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