Week 1 Guest Speaker Roundup – by Alli Waxler

A Conversation with Matt Meeks of Warner Bros. & Independent Consultant Jeremy Pepper

By UCLA X425 Student Alli Waxler

It was enjoyable to have @MattMeeks and @jspepper speak to our class. I thought they provided many insightful words.

I can’t lie, there were times when they went over my head (JP especially) with tech-y jargon that I didn’t follow, but the things I did catch got me thinking about social media in a way I hadn’t before.

Previously, I had thought of social media in terms of, well, the social aspect. But after hearing these social media/PR veterans speak, I see how there is a very serious professional use for these online tools.

There were several things they brought up that I think might be worth expanding upon in class, or perhaps other PR classes. Such topics include:

- The notion that “face time” is the most important aspect of PR. You’ve got to wonder what’s happening to the industry if we need to be reminded of this simple fact. Perhaps it’s due to social media take over?? How do we go about ensuring valuable face time in the digital era?

- How to reach your target audience and identify online influencers. We touched upon this briefly, but I look forward to a more in-depth discussion.

- How to get the experience you need to succeed in social media. PR pros often start their careers at agencies because they think that’s where they’re going to learn everything they need to know… but the opposite is often true. I’d love to hear more about why young PR pros think they’re going to learn everything at big agencies, and why that often isn’t the case.

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One Response to Week 1 Guest Speaker Roundup – by Alli Waxler

  1. Sorry that the conversation got a little dork geeky – if you have any questions, I’m always available via email.

    As for face-time, that goes back before social media. How many times do the junior staff get to go to the media events, for one-on-one time with the reporters? Not many. It’s just amped up now because there are so many events out there to meet people. I mentioned that I was off to Mom 2.0 that week – I was able to see bloggers I know, and meet new ones for new relationships for future clients. It’s building a network, a community.

    I’m starting to play with Traackr to find influencers in various spaces. But a lot of it is subjective. :)

    Thanks for having me to class!