Week 1: A Conversation With Guest Speaker Clint Schaff

Jennifer Van Der Borgt

Jennifer Van Der Borgt

By UCLA X425 Student Jennifer van der Borgt

If you are having issues convincing clients or people you work with to use social media, there are several steps you can take to get them on board, according to digital and social media marketing guru Clint Schaff (@clintschaff). Clint recently spoke at our UCLA Extension ‘Best Practices in Social Media’ class where he stressed the importance of POST — an acronym to describe the order in which you should approach a social media campaign.

Clint Schaff

Clint Schaff

P – People: Who are the people you want to reach?

O – Objectives: What do you want those people to do?

S – Strategies: How will you reach them?

T – Tactics/Technologies: What specific tools will you use?

According to Clint, many people start incorrectly with the “T,” which is the wrong approach.

Another key step in developing a social media campaign is to get representatives from various departments across the company or organization involved in the process, and encourage them to meet regularly. And while some will always be uncomfortable with social media, you need only a few champions to support your campaign.

Another suggestion is to establish a coordinating committee to bring together people who focus on social media from various companies in order to brainstorm and share best practices. You can take what you’ve learned from the committee back to the office and share at the meetings referenced above, and in the process gain additional champions.

Clint wrapped-up the discussion by outlining five key best practices for social media success: 1) genuinely care, 2) contribute value, 3) be interested and interesting, 4) be yourself/be consistent in your messaging, and 5) look for efficiencies. Following these tips will contribute to a successful social media campaign.

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One Response to Week 1: A Conversation With Guest Speaker Clint Schaff

  1. Clint Schaff says:

    Thanks, Jennifer. Yep, for more on POST, check out Charlene Li’s book Groundswell. And for more on introducing social media in organizations, check out anything by Brian Solis, especially his book Engage.