Week 1: A Conversation with Guest Speaker Matt Meeks of Initiative

By UCLA X425 Student Bonnie Brown

Bonnie Brown

Bonnie Brown

If the internet is a track being traversed by the most intricately connected train imaginable, consider Matt Meeks the deft engineer of the social media express. All aboard to bypass internet tumbleweed and reach the real destination, which Meeks has announced loud and clear, “the people are the platform.”

But how do we reach the right people? Meeks explains the importance of aligning a brand’s message with its intended audience. To do so successfully, consider adopting these four targeted strategies:

  1. Community Management: Generating the information to be published (posts, tweets, etc.)
  2. Social Planning: Developing and strategizing campaigns
  3. Social Listening: Monitoring audience analytics and changing pace accordingly
  4. Content Marketing: Creating real-time, relevant content on the spot

“It’s a good idea to hedge platforms,” explains Meeks, emphasizing not to spend all of a brand’s resources on only one social media outlet. Having a cross-platform strategy will ensure relevancy if there’s a sudden social media shift. Regardless of how many social media outlets your brand engages in, word-of-mouth (or, its internet cousin, word-of-text) still proves to be the most genuine form of marketing communication. “It’s ideal to reach customers one-on-one,” says Meeks. The idea is that the customer becomes the sounding board for your brand and promotes the brand’s message on your behalf.

Learning to create content that involves your audience is key. In order to let the people become the platform for your brand, they must feel encouraged to share and syndicate content.

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