Guest Speakers Fall 2010

Week 1: September 28th
Nicole Jordan
VP of Communications,

Week 2: October 5th
Serena Ehrlich
Associate VP of eMedia, Rogers & Cowan

Week 3: October 12th
Tony Adam
Director of Online Marketing, MySpace

Week 4: October 19th
Jessica Gottlieb
Mommy Blogger,

Stefanie Michaels

Week 5: October 26th
Heather Meeker
Director of PR and Marketing, Whrrl

Week 6: November 2nd
Matt Meeks
Director, Bender/Helper Impact BUZZ

2 Responses to Guest Speakers Fall 2010

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  2. I thought that our guest speaker for week 3 did an amazing job. I learned so much in that class. Some of the things that Tony Adams spoke about which I found especially interesting were doing your research when it comes to search engine optimization and content remaining “king.” Obviously, these were only two of the many important topics that Mr. Adams spoke about and the wealth of knowledge that I left that class with was incredible.

    In terms of using research when it comes to search engine optimization, I thought it was very interesting that the term “funny videos” gets more hits than “commical videos.” It really made me pay attention to the fact that using search engine optimization to achieve my PR business goals is not enough. I need to understand how to use it effectively. After Mr. Adams spoke, I had a much better understanding of how to do this. I went home and really did some research on my target audience and brainstormed what the most effective ways of getting their attention are.

    I also thought that discussion of content being “king” was extremely useful. In fact, after that class, I really spent some time on my website and my twitter making sure that I had good content on my blog that my followers were going to be able to read and get something out of. I noticed that since I spent some real time focusing on content, my twitter followers have increased significantly and I have gotten some really positive feedback on the content of my blog. I completely agree with Mr. Adams, you can use all the tools you want to in PR but there is no substitute for solid content. This will always remain a key factor in attracting public attention.

    Overall, I felt that our week 3 guest speaker did a great job of supplying me with a great deal of useful information that I would not have known, had he not spoken. It is clear that he is extremely experienced when it comes to search engine optimization and I am grateful that we had the opportunity to learn from him.

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