Week 5: A Conversation with Guest Speakers Jessica Gottlieb and Jeremy Pepper

David Nicholson

David Nicholson

By UCLA X425 Student David Nicholson

 The Power of A Guest Speaker

I was very fortunate to hear Jessica Gottlieb speak last week in my UCLA Best Practices in Social Media for the Communications Professional class. Jessica Gottlieb, an LA- based mommy blogger, introduced our class to the power of both writing a personal blog as well as working with bloggers.

Jessica Gottlieb

Jessica Gottlieb


I own a day spa in Atlanta, Georgia, so after hearing Jessica speak I went home and Googled “Atlanta mommy bloggers.” I was blown away to find Atlanta has over 25 well known mommy bloggers.


These mommy bloggers are speaking to my target market: women 25 to 55 years-old who are fashion forward. I narrowed the list to the 10 Atlanta-based mommy bloggers with the most followers. We are now creating a mommy blogger day in early December when they can come in and get any service they like – on the house. We are letting them know they can blog positively or negatively about the experience. They can also choose not to blog at all. After meeting these bloggers we are going to approach five about blogging for us in return for services and products. For this campaign we will be following the disclosure guidelines from http://cmp.ly.

I wanted to highlight this experience to show the power of this class and its speakers. Not in a million years would have I thought about focusing on this.

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