Week 5: A Conversation with Guest Speakers Jessica Gottlieb and Jeremy Pepper

Meri Elbakyan

Meri Elbakyan

By UCLA X425 Student Meri Elbakyan

For Jessica Gottlieb, mommy blogging is a daytime job. Having one of the highest Klout scores around, Gottlieb is a successful and influential online writer. She writes about pretty much anything — style, life, cars, travel, you name it. She is honest and straightforward in her posts. Interestingly, 30 to 40 percent of her readers are men who want to know what women want.

When Gottlieb started blogging 14 years ago, she immediately started to make money by writing for other sites, and using those posts do drive traffic to her own blog. As of now, her website – www.JessicaGottlieb.com – has more than a million page views per month.

Jessica Gottlieb

Jessica Gottlien

For someone like Jessica, blogging and her overall social media presence involves such matters as disclosing paid or sponsored posts, so as to comply with Federal Trade Commission guidelines. Those guidelines say that anyone blogging, tweeting or otherwise talking about products or brands in social media must disclose if they’ve been paid to do so.

Besides Federal Trade Commission disclosure guidelines for sponsored posts, Google has even more power in that is can de-index a site and make it in effect disappear. This is how Google’s algorithm is designed. So to stay on Google’s good side and comply with the FTC’s disclosure guidelines, Gottlieb uses www.cmp.ly. This is a service that enables web publishers to link their sponsored content to a disclosure page that satisfies all reqirements.

A piece of advice from Jessica – if you don’t have a big social media footprint yet, you should share other people’s content and engage with more established and influential people online.

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