Guest Speakers Fall 2011

Week 1: October 11th


Matt Meeks
Director of Audience Development,
Warner Bros. Worldwide Television Marketing


Week 2: October 18th


Serena Ehrlich
Executive Director, Attention


Week 3: October 25th


Sean Percival
Entrepreneur/Former VP Online Marketing, MySpace


Week 4: November 1st


Tony Adam
Founder/CEO, &
Former Director of Online Marketing, MySpace


Week 5: November 8th


Jessica Gottlieb
Mommy Blogger,




Beth Mansfield
Director of Public Relations, CKE Restaurants, Inc.
@bethmansfield @carlsjr


Week 6: November 15th

Clinton Schaff
VP Dialogue Digital & Interactive Media Group, Golin Harris


One Response to Guest Speakers Fall 2011

  1. Dezmond says:

    @MattMeeks was the guest speaker in our first meeting tonight. I appreciated how down-to-earth and relatable he was when speaking of his work with Warner Bros.
    I was most intrigued when hearing that social media sites, like Twitter, have such an impact on ratings for television or movies. Social Media Managers are always “figuring out how to drive more conversation from fans during their programs” Matt stated. I would have never thought about the impact Twitter or Facebook could have on a television station. He also mentioned that one show, specifically on his company’s network, that was pretty much saved by fan interaction. That, to me, is pretty impressive, and assures me that it really does matter what the consumer has to say, or tweet!
    Another thing that absolutely surprised me, was learning that before working for Warner Bros., Matt launched a Facebook page for Cristiano Ronaldo. He even posed as a “ghost writer” of some sort in order to keep his fans updated and involved with what Cristiano was doing. Today, Ronaldo has almost 35 MILLION followers on Facebook and it all started with Mr. Matt Meeks. It’s surprising to me- and even a little disappointing- knowing that not all of the “celebrities” or public figures on these websites are actually posting all of what goes on. Maybe I’m just naive, but it would be pretty cool if these influential people actually did connect directly with their fans by using social media sites. It let’s us all know that they are real people like us and that not every minute of their lives are about the glitz and glam. This doesn’t mean I won’t still follow my Nicole Richie’s or Teen Mom’s, but now I feel like I know a little more about what’s really going on behind the scenes. Thanks, Matt!

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