Week 2: A Conversation with Guest Speaker Corianda Dimes

David Parada

David Parada

By UCLA X425 Student David Parada

Corianda Dimes (@Corianda), new media strategist at Bullfrog & Baum, spoke to the UCLA Extension class “Best Practices in Social Media for the Communications Professional” on Tuesday, Oct. 15th.  Her passion for social media was evident as she delivered a high energy presentation that gave the audience a full tool bag of new knowledge.

Corianda Dimes

Corianda Dimes

“Find what tools work for you, and utilize them,” Dimes told the class.

Many communications professionals utilize the major players of social media:  Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, but Dimes brought to everyone’s attention other weapons in the social media arsenal.

With bullet-speed typing, she showed the class how social media efforts can be measured.  Her demonstrations centered on a special client familiar to the culinary world—Wolfgang Puck.  Using Hootsuite, Dimes showed the class how a hashtag or topic can be tracked in social media.

She also showed how it is possible to tweet all day, every day.  She introduced the class to Bufferapp.com – a tool that makes it possible to share and manage content on social media.  Through strategically timed sharing, a PR professional/social media expert can share without being tethered to a computer.

Another website that Dimes reviewed was the Pew Research Center’s “Pew Internet and American Life Project” at www.pewinternet.org.  The website reports results of several studies conducted to observe how people use the Internet.  Also mentioned is how the results are reported by the mainstream media.

In Dimes opinion, a lot of social media success can be traced to one’s Klout (www.klout.com) score, which allows individuals and brands to measure their social media influence.

Dimes presented much of her information on a PowerPoint alternative called Prezi.  Her presentation was focused and on-target as it flowed from point to point.

Dimes recommended that anyone who desires to become a social media expert get familiar with other less obvious new media strategists.  She also thought it was important that Public Relations people think “outside-the-box/spreadsheet.”

She summed up her presentation with this nugget, “Don’t assume audiences are the same across platforms. . . There’s no silver bullet.  Read, borrow but don’t steal entire platforms.”

It’s in this communications professional’s opinion that Dimes could’ve gone a couple more hours and the class would’ve given her its full attention.  At the end of her presentation, she was kind enough to pass out her business card.  Good thing too, we all probably have questions.


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