Week 1: A Conversation with Guest Speaker Clint Schaff

Tanya DiggsBy UCLA X425 Student Tanya M. Diggs

I must admit I found Clint (@clintschaff) fascinating as he spoke about social media and its multitude of uses. Who owns social media is a perplexing question. One adage is that if there is no single owner, there is no one to take responsibility. Another perspective is that with everyone owning social media, it can serve many masters and objectives.

Clint Schaff

Clint Schaff

Through professional training I have always been taught that assigning a single owner to a project is the best way to ensure proper management and stewardship. Without a single owner, no one takes responsibility, deadlines are missed and the project can quickly go awry. Projects have always been assigned to a single owner or a team; someone must be accountable, right!?

But through social media, a new perspective on interacting with groups – both large and small – arises. There are a multitude of perspectives and needs that must be served. By adopting a collaborative view of responsibility, everyone feels more vested in the outcome. Participants ensure that their specific goals are met, and at the same time they may positively influence or assist others without even knowing it. Silos can be broken down, and the notion of everyone working toward common goals can become a reality.

Change can be difficult, especially when the outcome is uncertain. But it is through this change that ideas and organizations have an opportunity to blossom. Is ownership more important than inclusion and creativity? Within today’s organizations, it’s better to foster a sense of inclusion rather than isolation. Social means just that, “social,” and embracing the idea that social media is part of an organization’s collective culture is critical.

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