Week 1: A Conversation with Guest Speaker Clint Schaff

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Andy Schwab

By UCLA X425 Student Andy Schwab

This week’s speaker was Clint Schaff (@clintschaff), someone who’s clearly an expert at using social media to build higher market presence for his clients. Although I am rather green in social media public relations (and thus impressed with almost anything I learn), Clint shared valuable insights with the class that were presented in easily digestible morsels of information.

Clint Schaff

Clint Schaff

Of particular interest was a consideration I haven’t previously taken into account — social media is effective only when the messages and platforms used for a campaign are relevant to the target audience. I consistently hear from the CEO at my work that we need to set up a great Facebook page. On the surface it seems like a good idea (after all, everyone loves Facebook), but Clint’s lecture forced me to reevaluate that notion. While many of my potential clients have Facebook pages, they often use them as a distraction to view other user’s pics, newsfeeds, etc. They have very little interest in brand pages beyond wanting to like them on their personal pages. I base this on the large number of likes, yet low level of engagement on these pages. I now know that to set up a successful social media plan, I need to engage other relevant platforms (beyond just Facebook) that may better speak to the needs of our clients.

Also of note was Clint’s discussion regarding how sites like Facebook filter your newsfeed to better cater to what they assume are your likes and interests. Clearly, a broad understanding of various social media platforms and how they process each user’s content is crucial to success.

Given that this is the first week of class, my review may seem pedestrian, but I learned a lot from the lecture that I will use as a building block to my social media savvy.

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